Your non-public school is eligible to participate in the tax credit scholarship program if you meet the following requirements –

  • You are in compliance with the Commonwealth’s and locality’s health and safety laws and codes; AND

  • You hold a valid occupancy permit as required by the locality; AND

  • You comply with Title VI of the Civil rights Act of 1964, as amended; AND

  • You comply with nonpublic school accreditation requirements as set forth in Section 22.1-19, Code of Virginia, and administered by the Virginia Council for Private Education; OR

  • You maintain an assessment system that annually measures scholarship students’ progress in reading and math using a nationally norm-referenced achievement test including, but not limited to, the Stanford Achievement Test, California Achievement Test, or Iowa Test of Basic Skills.  Any other achievement tests used for this purpose must have been developed using a norm group that is representative of the United States.